introduction and all that good stuff

Hi everyone, I literally had nothing else to put here so I figured I should write a little something something, ya know? I am Britt Kroh, as known on facebook anyway. I have been in the siteworld for well over 10 years, myspace days and all, and I still love the siteworld just as much as I did years ago! I do not have a site of my own, and I love making stuff for other people so I figured why not combine the two?? I have nothing else to say really, I hope you enjoy my examples and if I can make anything specific for you, or if you need to work on prices, please feel free to comment in the comment box or message me on facebook linked above! ♥

will I ever have flash sales and Holiday specials?

So, I do plan on having flash sales and Holiday specials! I however, am not currently taking any bulk orders, such as packages and content bundles. I will talk you through the order process on facebook, and we will discuss the amount of content you wish to purchase and go from there! My flash sales will come at random times, they will probably be on every item in the store, and last for a day or two! My Holiday sales will only be on major Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.